Find summer job in Dublin city centre!

Summer job in Dublin city centre are sought after by a range of people - perhaps you're in Dublin on a long holiday and would like to supplement your travel funds with a summer job. Perhaps you would like to earn a little extra cash without committing to a long term contract. Or perhaps you're a student hoping to clear debts or earn some money for term time during your school or college vacations.

Whatever your reasons for applying for summer jobs, there's no denying that it can be difficult to find them. It costs money to advertise vacancies, whether online or in the paper, and this is money that employers are unwilling to shell out for the sake of a temporary, casual or part time job.

However, summer is the time that most employees take extended holidays - creating a demand for relief staff to provide cover. It is also a busy time for tourism and hospitality, and extra staff are often taken on in these industries for the summer period. So there are vacancies for those who know where to look. Here are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction...

  • Ask around - word of mouth can be one of the most effective ways of finding a job
  • Call in to see employers in person, ask if they have any vacancies and hand in a copy of your CV
  • Check free advertising sites like Gumtree for casual positions
  • Look out for notices in shop windows
  • Check for 'Work for us' sections of websites


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