Find secure work when you get a secondary education degree

If you wish to work with children in a school environment then you will need a secondary education degree. A secondary education degree will help you not only find a job within the school system but it will also further your own educational skills. When you receive a secondary education degree, you will be teaching the national curriculum areas to students aged 11-16 and sometimes up to 19 years of age.

There is a certain path to obtaining a degree in secondary education. You must first complete your ITT or otherwise known as initial teacher training. You will then need to take the ITT courses that are specific to which area you want to teach such as English or maths.

In order to get your QTS or qualified teacher status, you must apply to universities that offer initial teacher training. These courses have different lengths of time you must attend. For instance, undergraduates will need to complete 24 weeks of training in school or up to 32 weeks in a four year course. You can then obtain a BEd, BA or BSc.

The school you choose will need to be one that offers initial teacher training. There are many to choose from such as the University of Cambridge, Essex Schools Initial Teacher Training Partnership and Gloucestershire Initial Teacher Education Partnership. In fact, a search of ITT schools netted a list of over 100 schools.

There are a few areas of teaching that are in high demand such as those that can teach maths, physics, chemistry and languages. If you have a speciality in any of those areas you may be able to earn a higher salary. Teachers can expect to earn around £20-40K and more if they have an area that is in high demand or senior management.


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