Find Royal Mail part time jobs

The Royal Mail Group is a massive organisation which encompasses three distinct brands. The Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide and General Logistics Systems are all part of the Royal Mail Group. The Royal Mail service distributes letters throughout the United Kingdom, including Wales, where it is known as Post Brenhinol. Due to the scope of this organisation there are a number of Royal Mail part time jobs available throughout the country.

One of the primary roles available with the Royal Mail is that of sorting officer. Sorting officers are required to sort through mail and ensure that it is correctly distributed to the proper locations. This may involve operating an automatic sorting machine, sorting mail by hand, moving mail within the sorting office and labelling bags of mail once they have been sorted. While full time employment is available also, Royal Mail part time sorting officer jobs are common and are paid on a pro rata basis.

Of course there are also positions for postmen and postwomen with the Royal Mail. Candidates for these positions must hold a full driver's licence with a maximum of 6 penalty points. They must be able to carry mail bags weighing approximately 16kg and to push trolleys weighing up to 250kg. Postmen and postwomen may be required to deliver mail on foot, by bicycle or by postal van. Those who are allocated a postal van may also be required to take on further driving duties, such as collecting mail and delivering it to sorting offices. Again the Royal Mail part time postal worker jobs are paid on a pro rata basis.

There are a number of additional Royal Mail part time jobs on offer. Some of this work may be seasonal, for example 20,000 extra part time staff are employed during the Christmas period in a variety of roles. Further information about jobs with the Royal Mail can be found at royalmail.com.

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