Find out why to become self employed is to become more contented

We don’t like to admit to ourselves just how much of life is taken up with work. We kid ourselves sometimes that work is fun and we try and get some satisfaction out of it, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as building something for yourself. We’ll tell you why to become self employed is to become more contented with work and help you avoid some of the pitfalls attached to working for yourself.
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Is it for you?

It’s not for everyone. For some the lack of job security that comes from a monthly pay packet causes stress. For others, the fear of the unknown could be a major factor that puts them off becoming self employed. But if you’re the sort of person who gets frustrated when your ideas are ignored, you naturally take control of projects in your team even when some superior is running with them and you’re bored of the status quo, you might be better off working for yourself.

Natural skills

You’ll obviously need drive and nerve to succeed. You’ll also need passion and a willingness to work no matter what time of night and day. That’s especially true when you’re first starting off because the start-up period is the hardest, no matter what industry you work in. You’ll have to be decisive and you’ll need to stick to your decisions. To begin with you’ll probably be working for yourself with no other workers but as the business grows you’ll need to take on staff. Be aware of that. If an inability to work well with others is pushing you towards self employment, you’ll need to learn how to manage people as the business grows.

Compartmentalising work and life

This is a major factor in making a success of your business. Although there has to be passion to get a project off the ground and you’ll need to be very dedicated to push your business forward in the early days, you also need to know how to switch off. If you can’t and you work too hard for too many hours, you’ll stop enjoying working for yourself. Don’t allow self employment to become the chore that working for a boss currently is, so compartmentalise your working life. Give yourself other aims outside of work and remain socially active rather than sitting at home constantly ploughing through the mountain of paperwork that comes with working for yourself.

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