Find out where to work online and how to find work from home

With modern technology being as good as it is for most of us in the UK, more and more people are making money online. There are more and more opportunities to spread your wings and experience different types of work through the web. Read on to find out where to work online and where to look for work.
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The best thing about working online is that it’s flexible. If you’re looking after a child or you need to fit work into your free time for any other reason, working online is normally ideal for this. All you need is a decent internet connect and a solid computer. You might not be able to earn millions when you work from home but you will be saving the time and money spent on a daily commute, and working from home also means that you can bin that ageing work attire that’s seen better days.

Recruitment sites

While you’d normally check out jobsite.co.uk or something similar for most work, you’ll need to use a different type of recruitment site for this sort of work. Go to flexjobs.com or odesk.com and see what’s out there for your skill set. Flexjobs is an innovative and professional job service that helps you find the right sort of position for you. It’s safe to use and very easy to navigate. Each job is screened by the site and you can be sure that the roles advertised are legitimate. oDesk is used by a million different businesses to hire freelance talent. There are already something like 5 million users so there’s always competition for jobs. Whether you’re an engineer, a writer, a marketer or part of tens of other professions, you’ll find work at oDesk.

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