Find out about all Dublin south part time jobs at Dundrum shopping centre

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Unfortunately there is not one specific place where you can find all Dublin south part time jobs together. South Dublin consists of many little towns and villages, including Dundrum. Dundrum Town Centre opens till 7pm each evening with late opening on Thursday and Friday.

Dundrum Town Centre is Ireland's biggest shopping centre and one of Europe's finest. With nearly 200 different tenants, finding a part time job here is a possibility. You have a range of places to look for work from fashion to technology, supermarkets to travel agents, Dundrum Town Centre has it all.

Finding jobs at Dundrum Town Centre is easiest by taking a walk around and applying to all the outlets that appeal to you. If fashion is your thing, you could consider dropping your CV into A Wear, Next, New Look, Jack and Jones or River Island to name but a few.

There are also many mobile phone shops where finding part time work can sometimes be a good choice. 3, O2 and Vodafone are all present at the centre.

Dundrum Town Centre is also home to a top of the range cinema. Evening and weekend positions can regularly be found for the role of ushers or cash assistants. Previous experience is not required.

As we mentioned, finding jobs at Dundrum Town Centre is easiest by simply calling in with your most up to date CV. You could also try their website at Dundrum.ie as this has a small selection of jobs within the centre advertised on it.

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