Find me a job online!

Find me a job, we hear you cry. Well, fear not. Despite the economic situation looking somewhat bleak, the good news is that there are jobs available. The trick is knowing how to start your search and how to get noticed.

Looking for Jobs

It should go without saying, but the most important part of the job search process is getting a good CV written and a cover letter to go with it. This article will not go into details as there is plenty of information online detailing how to make the perfect CV and cover letter, so check out some good how-to articles and get these in order first!

Once your CV is up to date and looking impeccable, the next stage is the search itself. First, register with as many jobs websites as you can and send your CV and cover letter to any jobs that take your fancy. Try to tailor the CV slightly for each job you apply for. This does not mean lying, but rather focussing on any skills you may have that are relevant to the position.

Increasing Your Online Exposure

While you're waiting to hear back from any applications you have sent, a good tactic is to publish your CV and cover letter online so that employers can find you. Most job websites have a facility that allows you to do this, but you can also consider uploading your CV to social media websites such as LinkedIn and even posting a link to your CV on Twitter. Just ensure that you post it in conjunction with some keywords that relate to your field of expertise. For example, if you are skilled in computers, then your social media profile should include tags such as IT, administration, ICT, etc so that a prospective employer can find you. How does this help me find a job you say? Consider this: the Internet is full of millions of potential employers - chances are that at least some of them are looking for a member of staff whose skills match your own.

While it's always a good idea to visit your local Job Centre and perhaps even register with several employment agencies, always follow the above advice in addition. You'll improve your job prospects tenfold and could put an end to saying that dreaded phrase, "find me a job!"

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