How to find jobs in Belfast

Are you looking for ways to find jobs in Belfast? Here we run through some of the best ways to locate vacancies and employment opportunities...

Online job search sites

Job is Job, Total Jobs, Fish 4 Jobs, Monster and Reed are all UK wide job search sites that offer job adverts in a range of different industries - in everything from engineering to marketing.

For something a little closer to home, head on over to Nijobs.com and Nijobfinder.co.uk. These sites cover the Northern Irish job markets and you'll find a range of different vacancies for Belfast. As with the national job sites, you can filter the results by industry, location and also search by keywords if you have something more specific in mind.

If you are interested in part time or more casual jobs in Belfast, Gumtree is a good alternative. Smaller employers are often deterred by the cost of advertising job vacancies on traditional job search sites, but Gumtree is totally free - resulting in dozens of good employment opportunities being advertised on Belfast Gumtree.

Local media

The print equivalent of Gumtree is probably the local Ads for Free paper. Pick it up and scan for any casual and part time jobs in Belfast.

For something more permanent and professional, the Belfast Telegraph's Job Finder supplement (which comes with the paper on Thursdays) is definitely worth a look.

Recruitment agencies

You'll find a range of different recruitment agencies in Belfast, including Adecco and Manpower. Sign up to increase your chances of getting a job placement.

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