Find jobs from home card making

Dreaming of quitting the day job and working from job? Learn how to find jobs from home card making! In this age of austerity, companies are looking for methods of saving money in any area that they can. This has lead to many full time artists, designers and card makers losing their jobs. The work that they had been doing has often been outsourced to freelancers, who are cheaper to work with and, sadly, more disposable if they prove to be too expensive or lacking in any area. Here are a few methods to help get your business up and running...

  • Look for vacancies. Local card and craft shops often offer a custom designed service, and you could be the one who does the work. Check out your local media to see if vacancies are advertised. Your local radio station and local newspaper often have websites with job vacancy sections. It's relatively cheap (and in some cases, free) to advertise here, so there's a good chance that small businesses will post job openings. You might also consider the more traditional method of job hunting - calling in to local shops and companies with your CV and asking the manager to consider you for any current or future job opportunities.
  • Advertise your services. If you can't find a job, let a job come to you. Use local media websites to advertise your services, including prices and contact details. Sites like Gumtree are completely free to advertise on and tend to have high traffic. Also pin up notices on local noticeboards.

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