Find jobs for part time staff at a retail store in London

London is one of the major shopping cities of the world. There are literally thousands of shops of all descriptions lining hundreds of shopping centres, arcades and streets. Due to the number of stores in the city, it can be a straightforward task to find jobs for part time and full time staff at any retail store in London.

The majority of retail positions are quite similar in job description. Staff in shops and boutiques are required to be helpful and polite to customers at all times. They should do their best to ensure that each customer has a positive shopping experience, and that they leave the store satisfied with any purchases they have made. Depending on the manner in which the store is run, staff may then be assigned a variety of duties.

Typical roles include working on the tills and on the shop floor. Staff on the shop floor are responsible for keeping the product displays organised and neat throughout the day. They must also make sure that the walkways are kept free of obstructions, and that any dressing rooms or service areas are also kept clean and tidy. Additional roles may include stocktaking and the designing of window displays.

When applying for jobs in retail stores in London experience in this industry can be very useful. However many stores will take on suitable applicants with no experience, and provide them with the appropriate training. A number of listings for jobs for part time staff in a retail store in London can be found at jobisjob.co.uk.

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