Find great part time cost accountant, accountancy and finance jobs in Dublin online

Unless you have had your head in the sand for the last three years, you'll be aware of just how bad things are in the Irish economy. With record numbers of unemployment since the Celtic Tiger days and more and more multi national businesses pulling out of the country on an almost weekly basis, things are certainly looking bleak for the Irish job hunter.

Despite all this doom and gloom however, there are still a number of positions available throughout the country's capital city on a part time basis. With many companies concerned with further economic turmoil in the future, the number of full time permanent positions being made available are lower than ever, but part time work is on the increase.

When it comes to specialist positions like part time cost accountant, accountancy and finance jobs in Dublin, there is an increasing tendency for companies to seek out part time employees. Since these are not necessarily the kinds of positions that require the staff member to be in attendance every day, the growing train of thought is that hiring them on a two or three day a week contract is the best approach.

When it comes to finding financial jobs in Ireland, we recommend you check out parttimejobs.ie, monster.ie and totaljobs.ie. These job sites are among the biggest and most respected in the country, and you should have no problem finding the vacancies that suit your needs.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on any positions advertised in the IFSC, the International Financial Services Centre, in Dublin. This area is the hub of most of the financial business in the country, so you'll have your best chance of finding work there.

In most part time cost accountant accountancy finance jobs in Dublin you can expect to earn in the region of €15.00 to €23.00 per hour, depending on the amount of experience you have in the field, and the size of the company you are working for.

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