Find graphic design internships for summer!

Are you interested in graphic design internships for summer? Unlike many other industries, there remains a strong demand for graphic designers - particularly those with knowledge of web design. So if you can gain a little experience through a good internships, you should be in a strong position to find a paid job in graphic design.

But how do you go about finding graphic design internships for summer?

  • Not many graphic designs companies advertise intern vacancies, although some of them do run intern programmes. The best way to find these is to visit the website of the individual company and check for intern opportunities under the careers section.
  • If you can't find a placement in this way, make a list of all the companies in the area that you would like to work for, then track down the contact details of the HR department or creative director. Send off a cover letter and CV to each to ask about opportunities for an internship.
  • Some companies will interview prospective candidates for an internship - particularly those companies that run regular internship programmes. If you are called for an interview, prepare just as thoroughly as you would for a permanent paid job. You'll need to prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions and you'll need to research background information about the company.
  • A well prepared portfolio can really boost your chances of getting an interview. Bring it along, even if the employer does not request it. Ask a friend for their opinion on your portfolio - sometimes it takes a fresh eye to spot a small flaw.


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