Find graduate or apprenticeship jobs in Greater Manchester

Whether you're freshly graduated from university or have just finished your apprenticeship, you're going to need all the advice you can get in order to find the best possible graduate or apprenticeship jobs in Greater Manchester. Thankfully, your graduation or completion of your apprenticeship has come at a pretty good time, all things considered. A couple of years earlier and you would likely have been looking at a couple of years on the dole struggling to make ends meet and to pay off your student loans, while now things are looking a lot brighter.

There are a number of great resources online to help anyone who has recently graduated or completed their apprenticeship to find work, but some are much more reliable than others. Since we're focussing on the Greater Manchester Area, we recommend that you take a look at mymanchsterjobs.co.uk as your very first port of call.

This site features countless listings for Manchester based jobs, and since it's local, you'll not have as much competition as you would on the national websites.

If you need help preparing your CV, we recommend that you take a look at cvwriting.net and take heed of all the great advice on offer there. It can't be overstated just how important it is to present your CV as professionally as possible, as that can go a long way to helping prospective employers form a good opinion of you.

You might want to take a look at some of the employment hotbeds in Manchester right now in order to maximise your chances of finding work. For both university graduates and those who have finished their apprenticeships alike, Manchester's industrial parks and centres offer some fantastic opportunities. We recommend you check out the Manchester Science Park, the Abbey Business Centre, Progress Centre and Forsyth Business Centre, all located within 30 minutes of Manchester City Centre for your convenience.

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