Find free work from home jobs

A surprising number of work from home jobs turn out to be scams, and this has put many people off searching online. That's a real shame, because there are some fantastic opportunities for people who can see past the junk. After all, who wouldn't want to work from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, and be their own boss?

A good way to find genuine work from home jobs is to look out for free work from home jobs. The practice of asking "employees" to pay a sign up fee or an initial investment is a strange one, and should set off alarm bells.

Here are some tips to help you find free work from home jobs:

  • Look on major job search sites like Monster (monster.co.uk) and Total Jobs (totaljobs.co.uk). Job ads here are vetted and verified. The high insertion fees also deter would-be scammers.
  • However, the high insertion fees also deter work from home employers - many of who are unable or unwilling to pay hundreds of pounds to find part time or casual staff. Therefore it's a good idea to check the local media and free sites like Gumtree. Avoid any job that ask for a fee or involve you "recruiting" members.
  • Check online forums for reviews about employers and positions. You'll get a good idea about who's genuine and who's not.
  • Ask around to see if anyone has heard about free work from home jobs. Some of he best vacancies are advertised by word of mouth.

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