Find Edinburgh jobs in bars and restaurants

The Scottish capital's status as a popular tourist destination means that there are plentiful opportunities for seasonal Edinburgh jobs in bars and restaurants. Even outside the big holiday periods, there is usually regular availability of this kind of service sector employment.

The main opportunities for bar and restaurant work arise during the tourist bonanzas of the Edinburgh Festival and Hogmanay. Working hours during these periods can be long and frenzied, but often seasonal jobs can lead to offers of longer term employment.

Although Job Centres and notice-boards can alert you to vacancies, the most obvious place to start your search is in the jobs section of edinburghgumtree.com where the smaller bars and restaurants tend to advertise.

For work in major chains like Wetherspoons (wetherspoonsjobs.co.uk) you usually need to check vacancies on their company website www.wetherspoonsjobs.co.uk. Broaden your search by checking for openings on scottishhospitalityjobs.com, or the self-explanatory website barjobsedinburgh.com.

Alternatively, if you prefer the personal touch, it can still be effective to dress neatly, put on a winning smile and take your CV (with relevant experience highlighted) and references around to those establishments where you would like to work.

Make your job-search time-effective by concentrating on certain areas. A stroll along Rose Street for example would allow you to canvas around 50 bars and restaurants. The Grassmarket would be similarly productive.

Thinking laterally can help your search. Don't restrict yourself to the obvious bars and restaurants. Remember that theatres like the Traverse, Lyceum and Festival Theatre also need bar staff, while museums and galleries like the National Portrait Gallery and Chambers Street Museum have bars and cafes that occasionally have vacancies for staff. These can be among the most secure and better-paid jobs in this sector.

Even if you aren't offered a job straight away, ask if you can leave your name and contact numbers in case a vacancy arises. Bar and restaurant Edinburgh jobs are like Lothian buses; there might not be one right when you need it, but one will turn up eventually.


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