Find a Part Time Job to suit you

Get the job that fits your schedule - so you can work when you can, or when you want to - especially if you are a working student in the university, or need to look after the kids during the day. Assess your skills and your level of experience, and find the best opportunities for you here. You may apply for a trainee, or apprenticeship position, and build your professional experience!

Take a part-time position abroad and travel while you work, see the world and earn some money along the way! Many opportunities are available for part-time workers abroad.

Seasonal work is an easy way to get into part-time work; find a job which will last for only a short period of time - fruit picking in the summer for example, or teaching skiing during the winter season.


Graduate opportunities in this field are an excellent way of building experience. You can, for example, take a position as a part-time researcher, and this may lead to a full-time position if your employer decides the position can be made permanent. Find your ideal part time job today!

Part Time work may leave you with far too much time on your hands; use that time to browse through our other job listings. We have all the best information on jobs in the legal, financial, medical, hospitality, public, sales and marketing, and construction industries.

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