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For the last couple of years, new jobs became very scarce as the economy hit rock bottom. Thankfully, things are changing again and new jobs are appearing on the market. The hardest thing about looking for a new job in Ireland is knowing where to look. Finding your new job will be much easier if you follow our simple advice.

  • Before you even think about looking for a job, is your CV up to date and looking its best? Your CV is usually the first point of contact between you and a potential employer and they won't take too nicely to badly presented CV's. Your CV should:
  • Be free from spelling and grammatical errors
  • Have related work experience on it
  • Have all your previous education details and examination results
  • Include 2 referees
  • Not be more than 2 pages long

Now, it's time to find a job in Ireland, where do you look? Job recruitment websites can be worth visiting. You will find a range of full and part time positions throughout every industry imaginable. Some of the best UK websites include:

  • Jobisjob.co.uk
  • Totaljobs.com
  • UKparttimejobs.co.uk

You could also choose to visit a recruitment agency in the area. These can be good choices when looking for work quickly. Simply drop in with your CV and discuss your skills and work preferences. If they have a position that suits you, they will set you up with an interview and offer you some great advice along the way. Check out any of the following for the hottest jobs in Irlam:

  • Fastrac Recruitment Consultants, Albany House, Irlam
  • Top Gear Recruitment, Warrington (8 miles from Irlam)


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