Find a job in tourism marketing

With the tourist industry an important part of the UK economy, there are an increasing number of opportunities in tourism marketing, across the country. It's an appealing career for a marketing professional, promoting the UK's natural wonders and historic treasures, usually involving plenty of travel and interaction with visitors.

Tourism marketing skills

A secluded Cornish beach or romantic Scottish castle might not need much selling, but tourism marketing has an important role to play in making overseas visitors aware of the range of attractions within the UK.

Skills required are similar to many marketing positions. A professional qualification in marketing is an important asset, but just as important is an understanding of the tourism industry. It's important to identify the areas in which it differs from other consumer industries.

Experience in the tourism sector is crucial. Initially this can be acquired by volunteering or taking an intern position at a local tourist office. This offers valuable insight into the kind of enquiries that visitors have, and the attractions that are successful. Grassroots experience like this will impress future employers.

Travel is a valuable asset for jobs in tourism marketing. Seeing how other countries promote tourist attractions offers useful tips and ideas. Turn holidays into research trips, taking notes on what works, and what doesn't.

Tourism marketing requires a strong grasp of people skills. Whether you are working directly with the public, with local offices, tour operators, hotels, or tourist attractions, this kind of marketing requires diplomacy and an understanding of what the public wants. A website like workintourism.co.uk can offer some useful pointers.

Market values

Jobs in tourism marketing offer a wide range of salaries. A top management position at Visit England (visitengland.co.uk) will attract a substantial managerial level salary, while jobs at local tourist offices may be part-time or with salaries of under £20,000 a year. In terms of job satisfaction though, tourism jobs rate very highly.

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