Let us help you find a job in Ireland

We all know the state of the economy in Ireland, and the commonly held knowledge is that things are going to get much worse before they improve, yet were you aware that despite all the doom mongering from the Irish media that it is actually possible to find a job in Ireland if you know where to look and how to approach the job search?

That may come as a surprise to you given the fact that all we seem to hear is that there are no jobs at all out there, no matter how qualified you are or how menial a task you are willing to perform. We urge you not to buy into this hyperbole, however it's also worth noting that it's very important for you not to be picky if you really do want to get yourself back into the workforce as quickly as possible.

While the bulk of the available jobs in Ireland right now come in the retail sector, working minimum wage jobs for the likes of Tesco, LIDL and ALDI earning around €7.65 an hour as a customer service representative or cashier, you'll also be able to call in external help in order to find a more suitable job.

By checking out some of the excellent recruitment agencies in Ireland you should have no problem in being placed within a position that suits your qualifications and skills. Of all the agencies in the country, we recommend that you pay particular attention to Brightwater Recruitment (brightwater.ie), Hays Recruitment (hays.ie) and Excel Recruitment (excelrecruitment.com) as these companies have the best contacts throughout the country.


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