How to find a job in Glasgow

It’s easy to feel disheartened when your job hunt is getting nowhere. Don’t despair, read these tips for some fresh ideas to find a job in Glasgow.

Make the first move

Write a list of companies that you’d like to work for and check their websites for the contact details of their HR department. Send them an email (with your CV attached) to inquire about future vacancies. Explain exactly why you’d like to work for them and exactly what you could offer to their company. Although they might not have any immediate vacancies, they will keep your details on file and you’ll be top of the pile when they’re next recruiting.

Act fast

As soon as you spot a job, apply for it. Many employers are keen to fill the position and assess each application as it comes in, rather than waiting for the deadline to compare all applications.

Get specific

Most job hunters know that a good cover letter is crucial, but how do you give yours the edge? Research the company and the current market, and make a list of five specific changes you would implement. This doesn’t just apply to managerial positions – if you’re applying for a job in a restaurant, visit the location and get hold of the menu. Check out the competitors and see what they do differently, and see if you can track down online customer reviews.

Be brief

Most top CEOs have a one page CV. Two pages are fine – if you really need it. Don’t pad out your resume with your hobbies or lots of generic buzz words that you think the employer will want to hear.  Keep sharp and focused. The same applies to your cover letter - although don’t be so brief as to appear unenthusiastic. Following up on your application is fine, but only call or email once and keep the conversation brief. You don’t want to be a nuisance!


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