How to find a good job

If you can find a good job, life becomes far more enjoyable. We all like doing different things, so it's essential that the right choices are made. If you're uncertain about what you'd like to do, consult a careers advisor. Although this experience can leave you with more questions than answers, they'll provide job ideas and you can find out whether they're for you or not.

An enjoyable job usually has a higher level of skill or involves managing other people. These jobs require qualifications, experience and genuine aptitude. For example, if you want to become a pharmacist, you need to take a 4-year degree course and complete a pre-registration year. You can work at a pharmacy, but you can't become a pharmacist without this qualification and experience.

If you're intent on changing career or haven't worked in several years, it's an idea to gain some professional experience. For example, if you want to become a solicitor, doing some unpaid work experience at a local firm will be well received. Employers know that candidates are interested in making good money, so they like to be sure that you know something about what the job involves. It really can help you to land a great job.

If you want one of the top jobs, you're going to need an impressive CV. It's worthwhile paying a professional resume service to help you to design a CV and write a cover letter. Your application shouldn't be overly generic, it should be specifically targeted towards the job that you want. Really highlight the relevant skills that make you right for the position.

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