A guide to financial recruitment agencies

Financial recruitment agencies are job agencies that only deal with finance related vacancies. Unlike regular job agencies this type of recruitment firm only interacts with the financial departments of the companies that have hired them.

Using this type of company is beneficial to those who are looking for work in finance. This is because the staff at these agencies tend to have valuable contacts within the finance industry. If one job vacancy does not work out, the staff will be able to find a similar job that the job seeker can apply for.

There are countless financial recruitment firms in the UK. Job seekers who want to work with one of these firms should do a simple Google search and contact some of the companies that are listed. Examples of financial job agencies operating in the UK include Randstad, Hays and Michael Page.

In order to successfully register for work with one of these agencies the job applicant should have finance related qualifications or experience in the financial field. People who do not have any experience or qualifications will find that the only jobs that they can apply for are in call centres for banks and finance companies. These jobs should not be overlooked as many people get their foot in the door because they have financial call centre experience.

Once the applicant has contacted the agency they will be called in for an interview. Financial agencies have a strict screening process. Due to this it is important that all job applicants are able to pass a credit check and have no criminal convictions.

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