Finance skills benefit women

For female executive to be able to compete with their male counterparts in a work environment that can be biased, it is important to have a solid financial knowledge. The type of finance skills that will benefit women begin with excellent qualifications. Other skills are beneficial, but a solid financial background is essential.

Core financial skills for women

For women going into business, career prospects are greatly enhanced by having appropriate financial qualifications. Although many women are achieving good grades in their respective subjects, when it comes to appointment at board level, the disappointing anomaly remains – that men are far more likely to succeed at being promoted. This might will be the ultimate goal for many women entering the business arena, but the figures for those reaching the dizzying height of any organisation’s board room remains a disparaging 17.5% (according to studies commissioned by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

When the chairs of various FTSE-listed companies were asked for their advice for those women hoping to succeed in the business world, many commented that core financial skills for women were paramount. Being financially literate – understanding the numbers and being able to converse in the language ofbusiness – would help to prove their credibility.

Having the appropriate finance skills to benefit women was seen as a prerequisite rather than simply a recommendation. Those financial directors surveyed went even further, suggesting that careers advisors should be highlighting this fact to prospective employees at a very early stage. Having an all-round financial skillset, as well as excellent general knowledge,would stand any ambitious woman in good stead.

Finance networking

Another key ingredient in the mix is having done a fair amount of networking prior to entering any business environment. While having finance skills that benefit women is of paramount importance, it is equally important to be able to tap into background knowledge – being known by people already in board roles is worth as much as any certificate.

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