Your choice of finance jobs

Working within a finance department can be a rewarding occupation, but it can lead to long hours and often involves tight deadline. It is ideal for those who enjoy working within a structure with clearly defined responsibilities and is best for those with a natural aptitude to numbers. So if that sounds like you, what types of finance jobs could you get?

Working with numbers

If you are very adept with numbers and prefer to work alone or as part of a small team, then a management accountant role could be the finance job for you. Someone with the same skill set, but with a need for social interaction, may find an auditor’s role more rewarding.

Working with others

There are also roles within the finance section for those who are not that adept with figures and have a very sociable outlook on work. Credit management, which involves a lot of telephone interaction with customers, is a job that is best suited to people who can work well under pressure.

Roles that combine

The credit function also offers roles that combine the typical credit controller role and the traditional management accountant position. These roles typically involve responsibilities like cash posting, reconciliations and journals. They can be a good first step towards a management accountant role.

Working with the accountant

Assistant management accountant finance jobs are the next natural step if you want to climb the ladder in finance and can’t see yourself in a management or supervisory role within credit control, payroll or purchase ledger. Here the long hours can start, as you will be supporting the management accountant whilst he or she creates the monthly set of accounts. Ultimately, this role is a rewarding one. If it's worked full time, it is normally a stepping stone to a management accountant role.

Final word

Today, a lot of finance jobs ask for qualifications. Some will offer to support your training as part of the salary package, so you can build your skills in the office and at home. If training is not for you, there are still lots of roles that call for experience.

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