Applying for finance and banking call centre jobs

The first thing that people who are looking for finance and banking call centre jobs should do is find out which call centres are in their area. As many call centres require their staff to work on rotating shifts, workers may find that they will have to work in the evenings from time to time. It will be more convenient to work at a local call centre if this happens. Job seekers can find centres in their area by phoning banks such as Barclays and asking them where their call centres are located.

Once the job seeker has decided which banks or finance companies they want to work for, they should go to the website of the company and look for the careers section. Most banks will have a selection of open vacancies listed on their website. How comprehensive the website is will largely depend on the bank. For example HSBC has an entire website devoted to career opportunities at Jobs.hsbc.co.uk. Other banks only list a small selection of job vacancies and direct job seekers to the recruitment agency that they use.

Once a job seeker has made contact with a bank, finance company or financial employment agency such as Randstad, they will be called in for testing. The testing process will take two to three hours and require the jobseeker to complete maths, sales and computer tests. If the job seeker passes the tests and has suitable work experience they will be invited to a group or individual interview. During this interview, interviewees will be asked a series of customer service related questions. Those who answer well have a good chance of being offered a position at a call centre.

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