Fees for a Masters degree in the UK

Post graduate studies are hard which is partly why so few undergraduates choose to stay on and complete a Masters degree. If you’re thinking about doing just that, you’ll want to know what the fees for a Masters degree in the UK are. We’ve taken a look into the standard tuition fees and some of the non-standard ones too so you can work out if you’ll be able to afford to study a Masters degree in your chosen subject.


There is no fixed fee amount for studying a Masters. Each university sets their own charges because post grad fees aren’t regulated by the government. Most universities will get their fee amounts independently reviewed annually to see if they’re competitive and realistic but there’s no guarantee that they won’t go up after this review.

Standard fees

Although there are no fixed fee amounts, there are a loose set of standard rules that universities adopt based on understood economic norms. Class room based courses are cheaper than lab based ones. Another similarity that universities have across the board when choosing a fee amount is that they tend to increase the price for international students.

Most expensive courses

Course in the performing arts are expensive because there’s very little class room based teaching. Music courses are also charged in the same manner. Advertising and fashion courses are also very expensive compared with other course. Again, the reason for this is that they’re not taught in class rooms very much. Science classes are the other ones that are expensive. This is because they’re based in a laboratory rather than a class room.


The fee amount varies not only with the type of course but also from university to university. Those in the capital tend to charge a higher amount, but universities in other less affluent areas of the country which have big reputations and therefore attract a lot of students can up to the price because demand outstrips places.


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