Fat Face jobs Taunton

Since their origins in 1988 selling Alpine-wear t-shirts and sweatshirts, Fat Face have evolved into one of Britain's most instantly recognisable multi-channel retail brands. With stores right across the country, from Southampton to Somerset, the latest outlet looking for enthusiastic retail staff are currently advertising Fat Face jobs in Taunton.

Working for Fat Face

There are many reasons why replying to the advertisements for Fat Face jobs in Taunton is to be highly recommended. If you are looking for a retail position, this young company will offer an excellent opportunity for the right applicant.


Firstly, the management team behind Fat Face are extremely enthusiastic about their company. The ethos is straightforward - "absolutely everything we do is designed to be loved by all our customers for life outside the 9 to 5".

This means that they are fully appreciative of the fact that contemporary lives are busy. And for those who work hard, the opportunities to play hard are there to be grasped.

Core Customers

Fat Face provide a range of comfortable but striking clothes that are all about style and individuality. The ideal customer is someone who embraces life with verve and enthusiasm, and who is always on the lookout for new experiences.


For anyone applying for a job with Fat Face in Taunton, key attributes will be a lively disposition. The emphasis is on unique styles, so the assistants taken on will have to reflect this optimistic spirit. But Fat Face will also provide a platform for learning many aspects of the retail trade, from ideal shop layout, to familiarity with in-house product design.

Fat Face Foundation

Fat Face jobs in Taunton offer so much more than a chance to be retail assistants. Because the company ethos is all about encouraging people to make the most of their leisure environment, the working atmosphere is positive. Fat Face Foundation was set up in 2009, extending that customer-focussed ethos by supporting charities and individuals.

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