Fat Face jobs in Southampton

Applying for Fat Face jobs in Southampton could lead to a job in their West Quay Shopping Centre branch that's open between 9am and 8pm during the week. If you're after full-time or part-time employment, there should be plenty of opportunities to work for the lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer.

Official site

A look at fatface.com/page/careers‎ will tell you what Fat Face jobs are open in Southampton. There you'll find links that explain what the brand stands for and what development opportunities there are at Fat Face, as well as a job search section.

Job search

All jobs are listed here and each listing gives the normal details you'd expect to find in a job spec including a list of duties and responsibilities attached to the job and a list of competencies that Fat Face need to see from candidates. You can apply for the job through the web or forward onto a friend if you're searching on behalf of someone.


After a couple of standard questions about your rights to work in the UK, you'll be directed to the a questionnaire that begins with a couple of multiple choice questions. Again, all very standard stuff for applying for retail work. After that you're asked why you're interested in joining Fat Face and then a series of up to 5 questions that are specific to the job role you're applying for. Once that's done, all you have to do is upload your CV and wait to be called in for interview.

Final word

Whatever job you're interested in, the firm are looking for someone who will fit into their “dynamic environment”. They're also looking for people who have “a passion to develop and succeed” so applying for Fat Face jobs in Southampton could be the first step on a long term career ladder.

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