Job trends and projections: the fastest growing jobs in UK

People often choose divergent career paths that reflect personal interests and passion. If you are starting or switching careers, you should consider your own personal interests and passion, such as income levels, work environment, work-life balance, career growth opportunities and nature of work. Besides personal preferences, understanding job trends and projections can help you plan better for the future. Here are the two fastest growing jobs in the UK and some fast declining jobs in the country.

1. Hospitality and tourism jobs

The hospitality and tourism industry is emerging as the fastest job creator in the UK despite public perception that jobs in the industry offer low skilled employment. According to a 2011 definitive snapshot of the labour market for hospitality, tourism, travel and leisure sectors conducted by the State of the Nation, the UK hospitality and tourism sector accounts for 7.2% of the total working population. This translates to about one in 15 jobs in the UK.

The sector is now the third largest exports earner in the country with above average growth of 3.5 percent Gross Value Added (GVA) per year until 2020. Sector Skills Councils (SSCs), a state-sponsored, employer-led organisation that covers specific economic sectors in the UK, projects that 638,000 additional jobs will be created in the sector by 2017 of which 69,000 are managerial posts. This represents significant opportunities for both skilled and non-skilled workers in the near future.

2. Computer and information technology jobs

Another exciting sector that is fast emerging as a significant area of employment relates to computer and information technology. Advances in information technology and large scale integration of digital communication in private, public and voluntary domains across the world have ensured jobs in this sector are plenty and demand for professionals is high.

If you have the right skills, the range of opportunities available to your in the sector include jobs for computer programmers, systems analysts, web designers, developers, information managers and consultants. You can also work in specialty areas like repair, cable, construction and satellites, which reflect some of the fastest growing jobs in UK.

Fast declining jobs

While some sectors boast some of the fastest growing jobs in UK, others have some of the fastest declining jobs in the country. Among fast declining jobs are traditional printing jobs like typesetting. Many printing jobs have been replaced by more efficient electronic processes.

Likewise, jobs relating to telephone, fax and telex operations are fast on the decline as are secretarial positions. The decline of these jobs is largely because most tasks in the workplace are now completed through the use of personal computers.

Keep tabs on job trends and projections so you are empowered to make informed career decisions.

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