Where to find fashion designing jobs in London

Getting into fashion designing jobs in London isn't particularly easy but, if you do your job search the right way, it can be. Check out these excellent online fashion industry resources. They'll help you find job vacancies in everything from ladieswear design to children's print design and footwear.

fashionpersonnel.co.uk - One of the best job recruitment websites in the UK, Fashion Personnel covers every type of vacancy in the fashion industry.

If you're a fashion designer, Fashion Personnel has listings all over London. You'll find vacancies for womenswear fashion designers, jersey designers, embellishment designers, denim designers and more, as well as a number of vacancies for design assistants and interns.

Job vacancies are for full time or temporary contract work, which can be a great way to get your foot in the door of a London fashion house.

Four Seasons Recruitment (fsrl.co.u) covers the fashion and retail industries in London and around the UK.

At Four Seasons, their Design Jobs section includes listings for vacancies for girlswear designers, footwear designers, and temporary and permanent positions.

Get started by uploading your CV and doing a job search. Don't miss reading the "News" section of the website too. You can get some great information about the London fashion industry from it.

Don't forget too, contact London fashion houses directly to find out about current vacancies.

Look at places like Appletree Boutique (appletreeboutique.co.uk), Issa London (issalondon.com) and Tomasz Starzewski (tomaszstarzewski.com).

Finally, check out the British Fashion Council (britishfashioncouncil.com). Their website has a special section on 'Designer Support', which profiles up and coming designers, some of whom you may be able to approach for designing opportunities.

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