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Is it getting past time for you to get out of your unemployment rut and start assessing your job options? If you are living in Sligo then you have the brilliant services of FAS to call on to help you achieve your aims. In this blog we are going to show you everything that FAS can do for you with FAS jobs sligo (FAS in Sligo).

In these days where jobs are like golddust in Ireland, FAS are playing a more and more prominent role in getting jobseekers back in the game and off the dole. They are the single biggest help you will receive on your job hunt, and their site at http://www.fas.ie/ should be the first place you check when seeking a job.

The FAS site is an invaluable resource, containing a myriad of different sections providing information on every single side of getting you back into employment as quickly as possible. FAS offer help in a number of different ways, with information on hand for Jobseekers, Employers, Training, and for entire Communities. As you will be searching in the Sligo area, they will have plenty of local job openings on their job notice boards, so it is always worth popping in to their job centre to check out the latest postings.

Even if you can't find the job you are looking for right that moment, FAS offer extensive job guidance and resources to get you into training courses that won't affect your dole claim each week. They even offer online CV profiling to try and hook you up with jobs throughout Europe! They are well worth a look!

FAS jobs sligo


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