Looking for FAS jobs in Dublin?

FAS jobs in Dublin cover the full spectrum of job types from construction to telemarketing.

FAS is the Irish National Training and Employment Authority, a government funded body whose remit is to provide a range of proactive job related services, supports and programmes, to assist individuals enter/re-enter the active labour market.

FAS's website (Fas Jobs Ireland) is set up to show vacancies by location, occupation and date posted. So FAS jobs in Dublin can be found easily by the jobseeker. Hundreds of employers advertise on the FAS website. Conducting a search of these vacancies is easy and can be done online or in any FAS office in Dublin.

Jobseekers can upload their Curriculum Vitae (CV), and update it as and when required on this website. Potential employers can then make contact with the jobseeker by phone or email or systems message. The system is updated daily.

There are FAS offices in every district in Dublin. The jobseeker has to register with FAS and go for an interview with an employment services officer who will advise them on what type of job they should look for and on what jobs are available in the Dublin area.

Training can also be provided and grants are available for a range of courses. These courses are very wide ranging and include computer courses, over the counter pharmacy technician courses and forklift truck driving courses. FAS run specifically designed courses which allow apprentices to qualify as skilled craftspeople.

FAS jobs in Dublin are certainly worth considering both from an employee and an employer perspective. The service is free.

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