Find out more about FAS Ireland

FAS Ireland, Ireland's National Training and Employment Authority, is a government funded resource centre for training and upskilling the nations workforce.

On the FAS website, fas.ie, it is said that FAS enhances the skills and competencies of workers and enterprises so that Ireland can further develop as a competitive and knowledge-based economy.  It caters to a labour market of more than 2 million workers so it is no easy task.

FAS Ireland have 66 regional offices around the country as well as 20 training centres. FAS continue to run a government supported Work Placement Programme. This Programme is aimed at unemployed individuals and offers them a chance to apply their personal skills and talents in an organisation for up to 9 months.

It is hoped that by providing this Programme that individuals will have the necessary experience after their placement to be a more attractive prospect to companies that are hiring. Employers taking part in this Programme also benefit as they get a highly motivated additional employee to make their company more efficient and competitive.

FAS provide training courses that are specially designed to allow apprentices qualify as fully recognised craftspeople. For communities that are located in remote areas of the country, FAS provide community based employment and training programmes to make learning accessible. FAS also have a jobs search engine on their website. Visit jobseeker.fas.ie and see if there are any jobs in your area. You can search by region and also by industry type and your results will list pay and length of contract.


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