Availing of FAS courses in Dublin to boost your job chances

If the dreariness of life on the dole in Dublin is beginning to take a toll on you, and you are looking to improve your chances of finding a job, then have you considered checking out what FAS can do for you? FAS have been helping people find jobs for years, and in this blog we are going to take a look at FAS courses in Dublin to see if they can help you get back on the job ladder.

Simply put, FAS are Ireland's best option for getting people out of work back into employment. They are the training and employment authority, and a good long look at their site at fas.ie is an essential for any job seeker as they have all the information you will need. The website is broken down into a number of different sections, all of which are designed to help you back into employment as soon as possible. They have comprehensive information for jobseekers, employers and people looking to pursue extra training.

Their page on training courses can be found at fas.ie/en/Training/Home/default.htm. Here you can sign up for trade apprenticeships, or even just to augment your current qualification to help you put together a more diverse CV. The best part is, if you are on the dole, the Government will likely fund the training that you take on. They have a number of industry specific courses, so these are perfect for people not looking to move industry, but rather improve their chances of getting a specific job.


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