Using FAS to find Childcare Jobs in Ireland

FAS have more job listings in Ireland then any other entity and they are proactive in trying to find you work. This makes FAS an invaluable tool for anyone looking for work in Ireland we look at how you go about using Fas to find childcare jobs in Ireland.

When as a childcare worker you find yourself unemployed in Ireland you should immediately register with FAS. This is a five minute process that can be completed at your local fas office a quick look at www.fas.ie will help you find your local office if you are unsure where it is. When registering, FAS will ask you what skills or experience you have so be sure to tell them all about your previous childcare work.

They will help you make your CV look as good as it can with tips and hands-on help. Then they will start posting and e-mailing you jobs that match your skills and location. before you know it you will have access to every childcare job opportunity in your area often well before the jobs get posted online or in newspapers.

Employers trust FAS to provide them with the right people for their needs so will often go exclusively through FAS to cut the costs involved in advertising positions. This is great news for you.

Also being registered with FAS will show the government that you are actively seeking employment so your application for welfare will be easier then had you not registered with FAS.

Childcare work is one of the few areas of employment in Ireland that remains largely unaffected by the recession, so after you have registered with FAS you should have no problem finding a suitable employer.

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