Farming and Agricultural Jobs in Canada

The farming industry in Canada is going from strength to strength, and as a result of this there a number of job opportunities available in this region at the moment. While experience and qualifications are of course necessary, many of the farming jobs in Canada are open to applicants from all backgrounds.

The range of farming jobs available in Canada is as broad as the farming industry itself. There are vacancies in all areas, including farm management and farm accountancy roles. Depending on the type of farm in question, positions may be available working with animals, operating farm machinery or supervising crop production. Dairy farms will have openings in animal husbandry, animal management and the distribution of produce. Those who wish to work in this environment will find that previous dairy farming experience is an asset, especially knowledge of modern milking machinery. Alternatively, experience working with animals is useful.

Crop farms can vary in their requirements, depending of course on the specific crops grown on the site. Generally job vacancies on these farms will require candidates to operate farm machinery such as tractors, harvesters, ploughs and other tilling and spraying machines. Some knowledge of crop farming is of course an asset here, as well as any horticultural qualifications or experience.

For those who have not worked on farms before, on-site training may be available. There are also a number of positions available in this area for marketing and management professionals. Further information about farming jobs in Canada, including job listings, can be found at http://www.agcallhr.com/.

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