Rapid economic growth is bringing factory jobs to Liverpool.

< p>Liverpool is the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom. Although less than 10% of the inhabitants work in the manufacturing industry, in recent years the city has seen somewhat of a revival with employment and factory jobs in Liverpool increasing.

The Liverpool region has a strong tradition as an international automotive industry centre, with the presence of some of the world's leading car manufacturers, including Ford and Jaguar/Land Rover.

The Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry is also a major supplier of factory jobs in Liverpool. The key strengths are in Snacks and Drinks, Meats, Bakery and Cereals. Some of the companies include Jacob Biscuits, Premier International Foods, Cereal Partners and Allied Bakeries.

Factory jobs in Liverpool are also provided by companies involved in textile manufacturing, steel fabrication and tool making.

Liverpool is on the up. A city transformed into one of the UK's leading manufacturing destinations by an ambitious and far reaching investment programme. A city where four billion pounds has been committed to physical regeneration, the outlook for factory jobs in Liverpool is very optimistic.

Community radio stations, local newspapers and jobsites are constantly advertising situations vacant in factories and these vacancies are set to increase.

Recruitment agencies are seeing a rise in the number of factory jobs  in Liverpool coming on stream. Agencies take some of the hard work out of finding a job and can offer a speedier route into employment.

The future looks bright for Liverpool's manufacturing industry. With increasing numbers of factory jobs in Liverpool becoming available the health, wealth and well being of the city's residents is improving.

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