If you're considering an extended medical degree programme, check this out

If you think that you would like to study medicine, but think that the workload might be a little too much for you to get the best marks you're capable of, then we recommend you give a little consideration to taking an extended medical degree programme. These programmes run for six years rather than the typical five, allowing you to ease yourself into the workload rather than getting snowed under right from the start.

For many people, this approach can yield much better results than the traditional information overload that most medical degrees present to their students. You'll follow the very same curriculum as everyone else studying medicine in the United Kingdom, but you'll have a little extra time in order to take everything in and seek any guidance or help from your tutors that you may require, without ever falling behind the rest of the class.

You're going to need to have your A Levels in order to qualify for an extended medical degree programme, but if you don't it is possible to take a one year access course to ensure that you are up to speed.

There are many different colleges and universities across the United Kingdom that offer an extended medical degree programme for you to choose from, so you'll be able to select the one that is nearest to you or the one that you feel will ultimately offer you the best employment possibilities when you have completed your studies.

We have selected our top courses below, so be sure to check them out before you make any decisions;

  • King's College London - kcl.ac.uk
  • University of Bristol  - bristol.ac.uk

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