Thinking about trying to find expat jobs in Asia?

If you fancy emigrating to somewhere a little more exotic than the usual destinations of Australia and Canada, then have you considered checking out what Asia has to offer? Visas for countries in this area are readily available, so in this blog we are going to show you a few places to check out for expat jobs in Asia.

Asia offers a wide variety of different cultures to explore, and the good news is that it is an unbelievably cheap part of the world to live in. By far, the biggest job for temporary residents in the region are jobs teaching English as a foreign language. You won't even need to speak the language of the country you are visiting, all you have to do is undergo a comprehensive training course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The first site you should visit on your hunt for training is tefl.com as this site will point you towards the company offering TEFL training in your area. Courses are flexible, with weekend only courses, week long courses, and month long intensive courses. The month long course can be pretty expensive (in the range of £2,000), but it is by far the best option and will pretty much guarantee you a job if you go abroad.

A site that is offering jobs in the Asia region that you should check out is tefljobs.asia. This site will let you search by country, and can give you an overview of the demand for jobs in each country, letting you make the tough choices before you leave.


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