Everything you need to know to find recruitment in Nottingham

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Jobs have been very scarce for a long time and there is so much more competition in the job market that even getting an interview isn't an easy task. However there are loads of recruitment opportunities in Nottingham if you know where to find them. Follow our advice and you should find it much easier to source all those vacancies!

Local newspapers are a great place to find the most recent vacancies. The Nottingham Evening Post has loads of full and part time positions every evening.

You could also visit some UK recruitment websites for the latest job offers. Jobisjob.co.uk and Totaljobs.com are two of the best out there. Local websites can prove to have a better selection of jobs in Nottingham. Take a look at thisisnottingham.co.uk/jobs.

You could always take a walk around the local shopping areas and hand in your most recent CV to anywhere you would like to work. Remember not all shops will have a "help wanted" sign in the window so call in anywhere that interests you. The Victoria Centre is a shopping centre with loads of leading high street retailers under one roof. House of Fraser is just one of the many stores where you can find work in.

You could also have a look at The Westfield Broadmarsh shopping centre. Again, you will find loads of the UK's best known fashion brands and other shops, all of them requiring staff to run the store.

So what are you waiting for? Get on out there and start hunting for your new job now!


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