What skills or qualifications do you need for event catering jobs?

If you like working with lots of people, the event catering field could be a great career move for you. Working in event catering is fast-paced, fun, constantly changing, and you'll meet some of the most interesting people around. If you're looking at event catering jobs, be sure you have all the skills necessary to help make your job hunt, and work life, a breeze.

Are You Organised? - Both in the preliminary stages of catering an event, and later when you're setting up and getting ready to prepare food, deal with guests, or serve, you must be able to organise everything, right down to the small detail, and miss nothing.

Do You Work Well With Clients? - Clients can be demanding. In fact, most want what they want, no matter how impossible it may be. Can you create a wonderful event, without making the client feel like they're being overly demanding?

Can You Work Fast? - Much of event catering is putting together a special event quickly, efficiently and with absolute perfection. If you can work fast, be precise and get the job done with minimal supervision, you could be a natural at event catering.

Can You Be Calm? - Event catering is incredibly stressful. Things always go wrong - the wine doesn't show up, someone delivers the wrong chairs - and when they do, you must be able to solve the problem without screaming, being abusive or losing your cool. If you're one of those who has grace under pressure, a career in event catering could be perfect.

Are You a Team Player? - For an event to be successful, every person who works on the catering team must be a team player. If your ego gets in the way, event catering may not be for you. But, if you can work with anyone and help everyone be successful, you'll love it.

Event Catering Qualifications - If you really want to get the best jobs in event catering, having some qualifications will serve you well.

If your goal is to be a chef for an event catering company or at a hotel, look at the London South Bank University two-year degree in Culinary Arts - Jamie Oliver and Ainsley Harriot did it. lsbu.ac.uk

Or, if you'd like to be a Catering Manager, take a management training course at the London Management Center - lmcuk.com/courses/management


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