Vacancies for evening and weekend jobs in Leicester

In every city in the UK there are evening and weekend jobs to be had and the same is true for Leicester. Evening and weekend jobs in Leicester are not difficult to find.

Leicester is a city renowned for its Indian restaurants. In fact a third of the population is Asian. People come from miles around to eat in the different restaurants in the evenings and at the weekend.

All of these restaurants need additional staff every evening and every weekend. There is a requirement for waiters, waitresses, chefs and cleaning staff.

As in all UK cities shops need evening and weekend workers to cope with the increased consumer demand. Supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Iceland need personnel to stack shelves in the evening.

High street stores need extra retail staff at weekends and to do the evening shift when they are open late especially on a Thursday and Friday evening and on Sunday. River Island, Debenhams, BHS, Virgin Megastores and Warehouse are just a few of the high street stores who provide evening and weekend jobs in Leicester.

Babysitting is always a failsafe if looking for evening and weekend jobs in Leicester. To find such babysitting jobs it is worth looking at the noticeboards in supermarkets.

Vacancies also exist in the taxi business as there is an increased need for more taxis in the evening and at weekends, when people like to have a drink and due to the drink driving laws need transport to their homes late at night when the public transport system has stopped.

So, as you can see, there are lots of evening and weekend jobs in Leicester.



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