Looking for evening or weekend jobs in Dublin?

There are thousands of evening and weekend jobs in Dublin. Whether you're a student wanting to earn extra income to support your studies, or a parent returning back to work, there is something for everyone in this fantastic city.

The vast majority of these positions can be found in the hospitality sector. Due to Dublin's unrivalled social scene, a jobseeker will easily find employment in one of the many bars, restaurants or hotels situated in this city. Rates of pay in this sector can vary from 7.65 euro per hour in a small family run restaurant up to 12 euro per hour in a busy city centre nightclub. Be aware, that these late night clubs can require employees to work until the early hours of the morning.

If the hospitality sector is not for you, why not try to secure employment in one of the many call centres that are situated in Dublin? Customer service, technical support agents and telesales executives are just some of the many possibilities available whilst working at a call centre. If you are fluent in a second language, you will have no problem in securing a well-paid job. Call centre jobs typically pay between 8 and 13 euro per hour. Candidates should be cautious when applying for telesales positions as some of these will be paid on a commission only basis.

There are many local and national newspapers which advertise new positions on a daily basis. Among these you will find Dublin's free Metro newspaper to be extremely helpful. The most up to date jobs will be found online on one of Ireland's many recruitment websites. Some of these websites include jobs.ieparttimejobs.ie and indeed.ie.

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