What to consider before taking Europe jobs

Getting a job in Europe, particularly if you're young, is an exciting way to see a new country and make some money while doing it. If you're considering applying for Europe jobs, before you accept one, there are a few important things you should consider.

Don't Pay For a Job - You'll find any number of job agencies on the internet promising you a job in Europe for a small fee. That 'small fee' can turn out to be hundreds of pounds, and you either end up with no job at all, or a job you could have found yourself through a Spanish newspaper.

Never pay a fee to an agency for a job in Europe. There are reputable agencies who'll find you a job at no cost, as the company pays the fee.

Will You Get Homesick? - While many people think working abroad would be fun, out of those who try it, only a small number succeed.

One reason many people go back to the UK after a few weeks or months working in Europe is the debilitating feeling of homesickness. They miss family, friends, their way of life, even British food.

That's why, before you make a commitment to work for a European company, make sure you can handle at least a year away from home. Otherwise, it's unfair to your new employer.

Do You Have Money? - Never take a job in Europe with no money behind you. Even if you'll be paid a good salary, you should have at least a month's living expenses to take with you before you leave. Emergencies can happen and you don't want to be stuck without cash.

Accommodation is expensive in Europe, as is setting up a new home or apartment. Plus, you want to be able to explore your new country - eat at restaurants, enjoy a coffee in a continental cafe, try local nightclubs - without money you won't be able to experience much, and might as well stay in the UK.

Can You Adapt? - While a week in Spain, Italy or Germany might be a lot of fun, are you the type of person that can adapt to a completely new work environment?

If you've considered all these things and still think you'll like working in Europe, more power to you. Start with these excellent European job recruitment agencies and job listings sites:

eurojobs.com - Job listings all over Europe

gapwork.com - Jobs for your gap year

eurohoteljobs.com - Jobs in European hotels

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