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Europa security jobs

Ever fancied yourself protecting revellers at a club, or open-air concert, shepherding celebrities to important events, guarding cash in transit, supporting police, CCTV operations, or working in cyber security? Europa security jobs are some of the most sought after in the industry and offer positions in all these areas.Europa is the UK's leading independent property and infrastructure support services company, delivering building and facilities management in sectors ranging from corporate and retail to public and utilities. Europa's clients include: Barclays, CB Richard Ellis, Centrica, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Department of Finance, IKEA, Lloyds Banking Group, and United Utilities which means that Europa security jobs can be found in a sector that suites you. To give you an idea of what you could potentially earn stay with us... The average permanent or contract SIA licensed Europa security guard can earn anywhere from £20,000 to £50,000+ per annum for specialist VIP guards.

If it's more of a supplemental income your looking for, to bolster your existing wage, you can expect to earn about £10 to £30 per hour depending on what company hires you and if you're unarmed or armed.

To find Europa security vacancies first visit the Europa website: europa-services.co.uk, and then visit carefully selected recruitment agencies in the UK such as: Acumin recruitment, AFC group, Bond recruitment, BTA, GMS, Hudson, Maximus, Sapphire, ECS recruitment group, and VSG. Other sites where you can research Europa security jobs include: securityvacancies.com, securityoracle.com, sse-personnel.com or securityjobboard.com. Secure your future today!

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