Jetset Life: Etihad Airways Jobs

Etihad Airways is one of the premier airlines in the world now and is one of the Big Three in the Middle East along with Qatar Airways and Emirates. If you are looking to find secure and promising Etihad Airways jobs then we can help you monitor the best places to act fast on new positions that are posted.

Job Postings and Recruitment Process.

The best place to commence your search for a job with Etihad Airways is their own jobs section on the Etihad website at careers.etihadairways.com. This website is also full of useful information on things such as the overall package for a staff member which is very attractive to say the least. Currently there are a number of Flight Officer positions as well as Captain roles and Documentation Assistant positions. You can browse and apply for positions all in one place for your convenience.

Another great place to browse the jobs available at Etihad is through LinkedIn. Here you can view jobs based in the UK, such as a Contact Centre Agent in Manchester, as well as the much more plentiful positions available based in Abu Dhabi. There are many international positions available in Etihad bases such as Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Kenya and for these positions it is definitely a distinct advantage to speak a second language.

When applying for Etihad Airways jobs your application form will go through a screening process before you get to the interview stage. Firstly, your application will be thoroughly examined by the Etihad recruitment team and if you are a match for the position you will then be asked to participate in a telephone interview. Contingent upon doing well on the phone interview, you will then be invited for an interview and assessment in person in Abu Dhabi.

Keep Up to Date on Twitter

Another handy way to keep up with new Etihad Airways jobs is to follow them on Twitter at @EtihadAirways. This twitter stream is a very active one and includes everything from competitions to company news and new routes but importantly it also includes news of new job posts when they open up.

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