Fantastic Estee Lauder jobs on offer now

Estee Lauder is one of the leading names in the beauty industry. Supplying a range of products, including skin creams, fragrances, makeup and hair products, to over 140 countries around the world, Estee Lauder jobs are amongst the most desirable positions in the global jobs market.

As with any company that operates on the giant scale that Estee Lauder does, vacancies are available in a wide range of areas. Estee Lauder jobs can be found in retail sales, marketing, product research and development, finance, legal, human resources and IT.

Due to the large and diverse range of vacancies on offer with Estee Lauder, there's a position for everyone to apply for. The easiest positions to pick up are the retail sales jobs. They can be secured without any major qualifications or experience, and entail working in one of the many Estee Lauder shops serving customers and ensuring the shop runs smoothly.

Wages for most retail staff with Estee Lauder begin close to the minimum wage, but with hard work and time, it's possible to gain promotion into higher paying management roles.

With a bachelor's degree in business, law, economics or finance, you can aim for some of the top jobs available with Estee Lauder. You get the chance to shape the future direction of a truly multinational company and earn superb wages.

Stay in constant contact with the jobs section on the Estee Lauder website to see what's available with the company. The drop down menu options allow you to search for vacancies in the area you're most interested in working in.

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