Finding environmental health jobs

The environmental health jobs sector caters to anyone who is willing to work and has time to spare. They may not be the cushy job you dreamed of, however your work in helping improve the state of the environment will probably have a far greater impact. Think of telling your children or grandchildren that you had a hand in making the air they breathe cleaner or in reducing road accident casualties.

Jobs Available

Environmental health encompasses a huge number of activities that help protect public safety and sanitise the environment. You will find that the majority of these jobs fall within the public sector. Not that it’s a bad thing. A few examples are recycling officers, waste management and tree management officers. More are listed on the publicjobsdirect.com website. Some positions are part-time while others are permanent.

Where to Look

There are many recruiters who can help you find environmental health and health care jobs. Public Jobs Direct is one of the easiest to find. Their website boasts a host of environmental health jobs that are frequently updated. If you give them your CV, they will send you alerts of vacancies in your area of expertise as they become available. One example is for repair and maintenance engineer at an East Midlands firm with salary from £21,000 to £25,000 a year.

Ehn-jobs.com is an online recruiter that specialises in the environmental health market, providing employers from both the public and private sectors with thousands of candidates from all over the UK. Their environmental health recruitment page has a long list of vacancies, including one as an education coordinator for a duration of 9 months. Environmental health jobs such as this can be quite plum, paying between £25,000 and £28,000.

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