Are you interested in taking an Environmental Engineering degree course?

If you're interested in taking an Environmental Engineering degree course in the United Kingdom, then there are two universities that we recommend above all others. Both the University of Exeter and the University of Southampton are among the top 20 ranked Universities and Colleges in the United Kingdom according to the Times, so you know that you're going to be receiving one of the highest standards of education anywhere in the country by sticking to them.

Both offer degrees in Environmental Engineering that are quite similar and essentially follow the same format, so whichever one you decide on in the end should really just be down to personal preference. However we do recommend that you get in touch with each of them in advance and perhaps schedule a visit or a chat over the phone with the course co-ordinator.

In each of these courses you'll learn about design, communications techniques, geology, hydraulics, mathematics, surveying, structural mechanics, engineering materials and numerical methods in your first year. After that you'll start focussing more specifically on the engineering side of things as the likes of soil mechanics, environmental chemistry, transport and construction management start to come in to play alongside things like statistics and group design projects.

As you progress towards the end of the course, you'll be issued an individual design project in your third year, as well as taking a look at project management, water resources and geotechnical engineering before wrapping things up in fourth year with a large scale group design project and a multi-disciplinary project.

You can get in touch with the two Universities in question via the information below;

  • University Of Southampton, SO17 1BJ (023 8059 5000)
  • University Of Exeter, EX4 4QJ (01392 661000)


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