Applying for entry level marketing jobs

Entry level marketing jobs are one of the few types of jobs today that can offer sufficiently good prospects even for college undergraduates. In the end, what companies care about is how effective you are in marketing. If your CV shows that you can deliver results, you are likely to get hired right away.


The website boasts of having over 92,300 jobseekers on their site, as well as approximately 5,170 job listings. The ratio those figures project isn’t really good, but it is realistic. Its homepage is quite informative, as it offers a list of the top marketing jobs, as well as the top 10 locations for marketing jobs. On another side, it also has a list of its top recruiters.

Lastly, the website also has a list of featured companies, marketing jobs of the week and, most importantly, career advice for job seekers.


This website boasts of having 2,220 marketing jobs available for you to browse from. It may be only half of what Simply Marketing Jobs offer, but don’t let that stop you from browsing its listings. One of the great features offered by Only Marketing Jobs is its free CV writing advice from its in-house professionals. It also has advanced settings for privacy that you do not normally enjoy from other job search sites.

To have better chances of getting hired for the best entry level marketing jobs, it will be a good idea if you can prove that you are goal-oriented, creative, and able to work or perhaps even thrive under pressure and deadline-sensitive situations.

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